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100000 active listings!

On Feb-17-2009 23:08:45 GMT, we hit 100000 active listings.

nenolod / Feb-18-2009 23:52:54 GMT

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lol said on Feb-27-2009 22:49:19 GMT :

i give a shit on the 100000 active listings...

Feb 27 23:33:27 master named[2553]: connection refused resolving '': 2001:470:103:4:5::1#53

and many more entrys..

rojo said on Mar-02-2009 18:00:07 GMT :

Try querying using IPv4, troll. We neither list nor support queries over IPv6 yet.

nenolod said on Mar-02-2009 19:25:02 GMT :

2001:470:103:4:5::1 has been fixed for some time, we upgraded that DNS server to lenny and it caused something to break, but it is fixed now.

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