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Rsync/zonefile update

rsync users should now see buildzone.combined, in order to use this try This should fix some issues and allow you to use our zone with an unpatched rbldnsd instance.Since ip6trie datasets do not support duplicate entries (even if different response template is defined), ipv6 entries will only return a max of 1 reply. (I wish they would have added ip6set which would behave like ip4set allowing this), You can safely ignore the warning rbldnsd might give on startup regarding duplicate entries.

Please note that the minimum version to use is 0.998 from git:// The debian package is too old and does not support ip6trie datasets at the time of this writing..

Also, we will be dropping the builds of the old separate files buildzone and buildzone6 per 1-1-2019, this should give people who have rsync access plenty of time to change to the new combined file.

outsider / Aug-29-2018 21:44:37 GMT

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