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The case

Dear users, mail server administrators and affected people,

For quite some time now (spanning over more then a year), spam is being relayed through lists hosted by

I do realize this action affects the operation of, but I think this is a neccessary step to protect users against this form of spam, and the ignorant blind behaviour of has tremendously contributed to this situation.

outsider / May-13-2016 05:57:59 GMT

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Milton Kessler said on Sep-09-2016 16:20:20 GMT :

My IP address has shown up on 3 Black lists tih the following comment"comment made by[1286128] Elvin Carbonel at 2015-11-17 18:41:06.642917+00
I have no idea why I am being blacklisted or how to get this lifted. Any Idea welcomed

Bob Burnett said on Oct-05-2016 22:05:33 GMT :

Something very strange here, I am a user and am having trouble with only one email addresses. No other emails get rejected.

Alexander Maassen said on Oct-10-2016 08:24:04 GMT :

@Milton Kessler
As you can see, they do now, although the comment entry is older

@Bob Burnett
It depends on the receiver if he accepts mails or not in case he utilizes our list or not. It could also be the case that they shifted the IP's of the outgoing MX servers to NOT use these.
You can test this by sending a mail from your based account to any other mail account you might monitor and check it's headers.

Alexander Maassen said on Dec-20-2016 17:10:14 GMT :

Update (finally), based on this we disabled the listings for now:

Hello Alexander,

For, we have attempted to remediate several issues on our side in regards to items and have discontinued our free email service due to this now.

Are you still seeing any further issues from our network?

Elvin Carbonel l Senior Technical Support Engineer Proofpoint, Inc.
threat protection l compliance l archiving & governance l secure communication

Alexander Maassen said on May-14-2016 10:27:58 GMT :

Update: received mail from elvin today, pointed him to this blog entry. This also clearly shows he has not read any replies from his request, nor does he even seem to remember the last time he was in this situation.

Subject: IPs
From: "Elvin Carbonel"
Date: Fri, May 13, 2016 10:53 pm
To: ""
Cc: "Jaren Angerbauer"
Priority: Normal


I have submitted requests for 4 IPs:

I am just following up as this is now being problematic for us. Our customers are
getting more irritated on this.

Thank you,
-Elvin Carbonel

Alexander Maassen said on Sep-20-2018 10:25:10 GMT :


After two years, the issue still persists, so I added the MX'es again.

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