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Bye Bye AYAH, Welcome reCaptcha

Since the Are You a Human service is being shut down as of March 1st 2016, we updated the captch to google's reCaptcha code.

We also hope this will solve all the issues users had before with the Captcha code.

outsider / Feb-11-2016 12:23:58 GMT

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Michael Hazell said on Mar-28-2016 21:23:44 GMT :

Thanks for the change! Google's new CAPTCHA service that allows you to just tick a box is very nice.

Alexander Maassen said on Feb-23-2016 17:35:58 GMT :

Oh, and the curl_init() issue on our US server now also has been fixed ;)

Turns out cherokee might need to be replaced, as it's start/stop script doesn't properly kill child processes like php-cgi. Done manually and this should fix the issue.

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