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Changes in removal

As of today, dronebl will send the removal requests to the in-db email record of the person who reported it.

In order to provide privacy to the keyholder we also wrote a small emailproxy, you can simply reply to the email using your normal client, as you will notice, it uses an email adress within the domain.

The emailproxy will remove the headers and recode the mail to appear from the system itself, users can also reply through that address using the same email adress.

Note: The subject has to remain intact, it's crucial that the [DroneBL #xxxx] remains in order for the proxy to lookup the addresses to send to.

Note2: Both reporter and requester have to use the email adress as used in the ticket to send from.

If there are any issues, please lemme know.

outsider / Mar-23-2011 12:52:23 GMT

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