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AS Administration / RPC Key webmanagement

As promised, we are working on an AS Administration interface. In order to apply for it, you need a RPC Key.

AS Admins have the same privileges as normal RPC Key users, with the difference that they can easily (de)list the ip's affected within their ranges.

If you want to apply, apply for a RPC Key first, please put the following information in the justification:

We will manually verify your access to the AS before acceptance and send a verification mail to the in WHOIS noted contacts.

If you are already own a RPC Key, send me an email with above details, same restrictions apply upon adding. Please specify your rpckey as verification in that case. Or contact me on IRC.

Existing key owners can also request a username and password if they want to be able to remove some of your entries straight through the website entries that way as well.

outsider / Mar-13-2011 05:04:59 GMT

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Alexander Maassen said on Mar-20-2011 03:19:29 GMT :

Made the following changes today in /lookup:
You can now quickly delist all entries regarding one IP if you are either global admin, as admin with access to the AS of the ip, or you are the person who added it using his rpckey.

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