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so long and thanks for all the fish

Crossposted from dronebl-discussion:


Due to time and emotional constraints, I will be discontinuing my work on DroneBL effective immediately. Alexander Maassen will be taking over operations of DroneBL. His IRC nickname is OUTsider, and many of you already know him.

I will, however, continue to provide hosting for DroneBL until such time that the community can make appropriate alternative hosting arrangements.

This means: do not contact me about DroneBL issues going forward, I will be unable to help you.

Coming to this decision has not been an easy process. While I have enjoyed my work on the project, it has become obvious to me that it has become a mature enough project that the community can steer it's future development focus. As such, it is now time for me to begin work on other endeavours.

Regards, William Pitcock (nenolod) The DroneBL Project

Yes, it's real. I wish OUTsider all the luck in the future to ensure the stability the IRC community expects from DroneBL.

This will be my last blog entry.

nenolod / May-04-2010 09:10:29 GMT

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